That's the reason why novis finds the ideal route for innovative products from the factory to the consumer. We use modern technology in-house to deliver streamlined, exciting and surprising services. With our personal relationships we develop markets for brands and help our partners to make their products even better.

novis creates added value for consumer products - for our customers, our team, our environment.

~ novis


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Our services

As a novis customer, you benefit from numerous opportunities that enable you to discover new chances and paths in our industry. Since novis was founded, customer satisfaction has shaped all of your actions. For a lasting relationship of trust with our partners in every situation, novis focuses on customer proximity, simplicity and reliability.



Planning & Ordering

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After-sales service

After Sales Service

Product Management

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Close-Up von Marc Sway auf blauem Hintergrund
Musical highlights with Sonos and Marc Sway

Experience the musical highlights with Sonos and Marc Sway with us. Find out how the musician shares his personal Sonos journey with us, from the beginning to the current collaboration. Join us as we bring the Sonos magic to life.

Mädchen mit Xplora Smartwatch haltet sich mit einer Hand an einem Holzbalken fest
Relaxed family adventures with the perfect travelling companions for children aged 3 and over!

Discover the ideal companions for your next family outing: Cookie listeners offer an easy and entertaining way for children to listen to music and stories, while Xplora smartwatches provide a safe and balanced introduction to the digital world.

Portrait der Product Managerin bei novis electronics AG, Anna Tischhauser
Get to know Anna!

Anna Tischhauser, Head of TCL chez novis electronics AG, partage ses expériences et ses succès dans une interview exclusive. Découvrez ce qu'elle apprécie particulièrement chez novis et comment elle fait avancer la marque TCL grâce à des idées innovantes et à sa flexibilité.

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