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Save time and hassle with Eve Aqua. This practical device allows you to easily manage the watering of your garden and patio plants via your iPhone, voice commands or the integrated button. Thanks to automatic schedules and a forthcoming compatibility with Matter, your gardening will be a breeze.

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Reading time: 4 min

Reading time: 4 min

Eve Aqua is a practical device that makes watering your garden and patio plants simpler.

Control options

You can activate Eve Aqua using your iPhone, Siri voice commands or the integrated button on the device meaning you can control watering conveniently via app or voice command.

Automation through schedules

The Eve app allows you to create schedules to regulate watering automatically. This makes garden maintenance even easier, as you don't have to constantly worry about it.

Eve Aqua im Garten installiert
Eve Aqua im Garten installiert

Compatibility with smart home systems

The Eve Aqua is Thread-compatible and works with HomeKit.  To use these functions a HomePod Mini or an Apple TV 4K (from 2nd generation) as a control centre is needed, enabling you to seamlessly integrate the Eve Aqua into your Apple smart home system.

Future compatibility with Matter

The Eve device will become compatible with Matter through a firmware update. Matter is an emerging smart home standard that uses the Thread network technology. This update will also allow the Eve Aqua to work in other smart home ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.

Versatile compatibility with irrigation systems

The Eve Aqua is compatible with all common hose systems and multiple distributors, such as those available from Gardena or Kärcher. The device also supports up to seven watering times, which allows for flexible and customised watering.

The Eve Aqua therefore offers a wide range of functions that simplify and optimise your garden irrigation. Future Matter compatibility will make the device even more versatile and usable with a wider range of smart home platforms.

Eve Aqua im Garten installiert

About Eve Systems

Eve Systems was founded in 1999 and is known for the user-friendliness and high quality of its smart home products. The extensive range includes components for home automation, energy management, security and device control. With around 50 employees, Eve is one of the pioneers of the new "Matter" communication protocol. This ensures that smart home products - regardless of manufacturer and operating system - are fully interoperable via the "Thread" radio standard, i.e. wirelessly. More than half of Eve's products are aimed at helping households with energy management. In this way, the company is meeting the increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient products.

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