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BioLite and LifeStraw


BioLite and LifeStraw are actively committed to avoiding carbon emissions as members of Climate Neutral Certified.

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BioLite and LifeStraw are proud to be members of Climate Neutral Certified, a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating carbon emissions. BioLite's founders are so committed to this mission that BioLite's CEO, Jonathan Cedar, was one of the co-founders of Climate Neutral Org and now serves as a board member.


Climate Neutral's mission is to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by creating the world's most recognised and trusted climate label, while providing accessible, actionable tools and resources. They believe that consumers and brands must work together to move the world towards a net zero future, which science tells us we desperately need. 

As members of Climate Neutral Certified, BioLite and LifeStraw are determined to do their part and play an active role in addressing the climate crisis. They recognise that their companies and products have an impact on the environment and are committed to minimising that impact. By meeting the strict requirements and guidelines of Climate Neutral, they show their commitment to a climate-friendly future.


Climate Neutral's vision is that every individual can use their purchasing power against climate change and that all brands have the opportunity to be climate neutral. They want to achieve that consumers make conscious decisions and support sustainable brands. At the same time, they want to give brands the necessary resources and tools to become climate neutral. 

By becoming carbon neutral, we can limit the impact of climate change and drive positive, long-term change. Climate Neutral relies on individuals to raise awareness and use their influence through sustainable purchasing behaviour. And this is not just a consumer responsibility: conscious brands also play a big role in making real progress.

Impact Goal

Climate Neutral's impact goal is impressive: they have set out to eliminate one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases by 2030. This ambitious plan will help combat climate change and create a sustainable future for generations to come. 

This commitment clearly shows that Climate Neutral is a pioneer in environmental awareness and climate protection. By reducing and preventing the emission of greenhouse gases, they are making an important contribution to reducing the global warming that threatens our environment. With their measures, they not only send a strong signal, but also motivate other companies to measure and reduce their ecological footprint.

The classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch

As members of Climate Neutral Certified, BioLite and LifeStraw are making a strong statement about their commitment to climate protection. They take their responsibility seriously and are working to reduce their carbon emissions and make their products and processes more sustainable. By being part of this movement, they also want to encourage other brands and consumers to join this important mission and make a positive change for the planet together.

About BioLite

In 2009, the two designers Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond founded the company BioLite in New York. They wanted sustainable energy everywhere and for everyone! Their technology: converting heat generated by wood into energy. It all started with the development of the CampStove. With it, pine cones or branches can be burned for cooking. At the same time, electronic devices such as a mobile phone can be charged. Practical for every outdoor adventure. The company continues to develop and they are always tinkering with new ideas. A barbecue attachment and a kettle complete the range.

When the friends tested their first camping cooker, they realised that a larger stove was needed. So they developed the HomeStove and founded the company BioLite. Over time, more inventions and awards for their products followed.

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About LifeStraw

The LifeStraw story began in 1994 with a request to the Vestergaard company to design a filter for Guinea worm larvae. Over 37 million of these filters have been sold to date and infections with the parasites are rare. Vestergaard then developed a new water filter that removes almost all microbiological contaminants. The LifeStraw technology was introduced in 2005 and was originally intended for people in developing countries. In 2008, LifeStraw products became available for private households, followed by water purifiers for outdoor activities in 2011.

Today, there are various filters in the LifeStraw portfolio for different water needs. LifeStraw's technology is used in over 64 countries worldwide and has already won awards, for example as one of the best inventions of 2005 according to Time magazine.

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Climate Neutral Certified

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