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Brahim Maloki

20 years of commitment to novis

In an exclusive interview, Brahim Maloki provides insights into his years of employment and shares valuable insights into logistics.

Brahim Maloki

Brahim has been a familiar face at novis electronics AG for more than 20 years. In his role as Head of Logistics, he plays a crucial role in the company. In the following interview, he shares his insights into the company culture, his enthusiasm for self-employment, and the successes he has had during his long career at novis electronics AG.


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Brahim, what do you value most about novis electronics AG and its corporate culture? How do you contribute to it?

What I value most is the trust that the management and the employees place in me. At novis we have the freedom to work flexibly and to do our best to develop the company. I manage the logistics team, which consists of 5 to 8 employees, and I contribute by making sure that we work efficiently and smoothly.

What do you like best about your work at novis electronics AG?

What I like most is the opportunity to work independently, especially with my logistics team. We have clear goals and tasks, but how we achieve them is largely our responsibility. This gives me the opportunity to make full use of my skills and experience.

You have been working at novis since 2003. What encouraged you to join the company back then?

It was a lucky and fortuitous coincidence!  The management made me a good offer and I decided to take the chance. Since then, I haven't regretted the decision for a second and am proud to be part of this team.

What unique skills and qualities do you bring to your department and your work?

I think my methods and flexibility are my strengths. In logistics, it is important to develop efficient processes and adapt quickly to changing requirements. My team and I work hard to ensure that logistics runs smoothly and I think we have achieved a lot in this respect.

Can you share some of your successes at novis electronics AG?

Certainly. I think one of my biggest successes was structuring and organising the warehouse. We built a team that functioned smoothly with virtually no major input from me. 

That was a real team effort that we can all be proud of.
Brahim Maloki

Brahim, thank you for these exciting insights into your long career at novis electronics AG. We value your hard work and ability to lead your team and drive the company forward.

Would you like to meet the novis Team in person? 

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We look forward to meeting you.

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