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Burglars are furtive, and they do their best work in dark and deserted places. Protection against home invasions is therefore especially important in the approaching autumn and later in winter. Popular among Apple households are smart surveillance cameras with the sophisticated and privacy-focused technology HomeKit Secure Video, which is also used by the Eve Cam from the German smart home specialist Eve.

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A smart indoor camera increases people's sense of security because it helps to protect their homes from intruders: As soon as movement is detected, it sends a message to the iPhone. If it is an intruder, you can take immediate action, alert the police, and collect evidence in the form of video recordings. The real-time image prevents false alarms. Smart cameras also offer a lot of extra benefits that go beyond the security aspect: a quick check from the office to see if the children have arrived home safe and sound. Checking whether your four-legged friend is feeling well. Making sure the windows are closed and the cooker is off.

Smart: The Eve Cam


Equipped with a solid magnetic base on which the camera can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 180 degrees, Eve Cam is flexible to install - it can even be mounted overhead, as the image can be rotated using the free Eve app. With five metres of night vision and a 150-degree field of view, it also monitors large rooms. A USB-C supplies the power and it can be connected to the network via 2.4 or 5 GHz WLAN. In keeping with Apple HomeKit Secure Video specifications, it records in 1080p/24fps. Its motion detection relies on image evaluation and therefore also works through windows. So if you use smart lighting, you can easily create an automation in Apple Home or the Eve app that switches on the light when someone approaches the window outside. An on/off switch? Not needed, because the camera can activate and deactivate itself depending on the location of the occupant(s): If someone comes home, it switches off. If everyone leaves the home, it is reactivated. 

Protected: Privacy


Especially with indoor cameras, the privacy of the occupants must be protected as best as possible. That's why Eve Cam relies exclusively on HomeKit technology. This means: no communication outside of HomeKit, direct access to the livestream bypassing Cloud, exclusively local evaluation of the video images, and secure storage of the recordings in the personal iCloud storage thanks to HomeKit Secure Video. 

For Eve Cam, as with all Eve products: no registration, no user account, no tracking, and no parallel data connections are necessary. Eve does not collect any personal data and the cameras do not communicate with an external server. The user does not have to reveal any personal details when using Eve Cam. If the camera's livestream is accessed, the images do not pass through a server. No matter where you are, a direct and fully encrypted connection to your own four walls is always established via the control centre (Apple TV, HomePod, or HomePod mini). This means that the video is not routed via clouds or external data centres.

Local: the intelligence


When it comes to recording, HomeKit Secure Video makes its grand entrance. The Eve Cam can be set to record any movement or only when a human, animal, package and/or vehicle is detected. To find out what is going on in front of the lens, the camera sends the live image to the control centre when motion is detected. A local neural network on the Apple TV or HomePod determines what is being seen, without the need for cloud services outside of your own four walls. If the control centre determines that all of the user's specifications have been met, a recording is created, encrypted, and securely stored in the personal iCloud+ storage (not included, from CHF 1.-/month). The material is stored for ten days and does not count towards the iCloud storage limit. Recordings worth preserving, for example of children or pets, can be saved permanently. A simple tap of the finger sends the clip to the media library as a decrypted video  - the sophisticated security apparatus remains completely invisible. 

Worth knowing: the details


If you want to learn more about the security concept behind the HomeKit technology, take a look at the document Apple Platform Security. Here Apple explains in detail how the encryption architectures of HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video are built. However, as well as protecting one's own personal data, it is also important to protect the privacy of bystanders. Information on this and how to install your video surveillance in a purposeful and appropriate way is provided in the fact sheet Video surveillance by private persons by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).


About Eve Systems

Eve Systems was founded in 1999 and is known for the user-friendliness and high quality of its smart home products. The extensive range includes components for home automation, energy management, security and device control. With around 50 employees, Eve is one of the pioneers of the new "Matter" communication protocol. This ensures that smart home products - regardless of manufacturer and operating system - are fully interoperable via the "Thread" radio standard, i.e. wirelessly. More than half of Eve's products are aimed at helping households with energy management. In this way, the company is meeting the increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient products.

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