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Renato Kunz

A conversation with Renato Kunz

A look at the life and experiences of Renato Kunz, Head of Category Management at novis electronics AG

Renato Kunz

Renato Kunz is no stranger to the world of novis electronics AG. As Head of Category Management, he has been an important member of the company since 1 April 2007. In the following we will talk to Renato to get his insights into the corporate culture and his personal experiences at novis.


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Renato, could you tell us what prompted you to apply at novis electronics AG and how your time at the company has been so far?

Of course, with pleasure. When I applied to novis in 2007, I had already encountered the company in my previous job at Media Markt. novis had intrigued me then with its impressive product portfolio and dedicated employees. This enthusiasm has definitely continued during my time here. Since joining on 1 April 2007, I have had the opportunity to actively contribute to the company and use my skills. It was and is an extremely enriching experience for me.

It sounds like an exciting journey at novis. What aspects of the company culture do you value most, and how do you contribute to it?

One of the most remarkable features of novis is the great trust that the management places in the employees. This allows us to fully apply our creativity and motivation to the work and to implement ideas. I try to honour this trust by actively contributing to the company and motivating my team. Working together and achieving goals together are of central importance to me.

Can you tell us about your specific role as Head of Category Management and what unique skills you bring to the position?

As Head of Category Management, my primary role is to lead and support the team. I strongly believe in the power of teamwork and that together we can achieve more. My ability to motivate and encourage people plays an important role in this. I always strive to realise the potential of each team member and work collaboratively to achieve our successes.

What particular successes have you been able to achieve during your time at novis electronics AG?

One of the milestones of my career at novis was taking over the product management for Sonos in April 2009, which enabled me to convey my passion for this brand to the Swiss market and contribute to its successful development. I have also been actively involved in planning and designing events where I believe my contributions have helped to move the company forward.

One of the most remarkable features of novis is the great trust that the management places in the employees.
Renato Kunz

Thank you, Renato, for these insights into your experiences and work at novis electronics AG.

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