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Sonoro: Meisterstück Gen. 2


Two different apps are available for the new Meisterstück Gen.2 (and Maestro Quantum), one for acoustic calibration and one for operation.

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Sonoro Room Correction App

This easy-to-use app helps you set up your MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen.2) and MAESTRO music system. The sound quality to suit the room can be configured using the microphone built into your smartphone. The app automatically applies digital filters to correct room errors meaning you can enjoy the best possible acoustic reproduction in a matter of minutes.

The Sonoro Room Correction app runs exclusively on all iPhones (from 6) and iPads.

Independent of the calibration app, you can use the numerous equaliser settings to adjust the sound to your personal taste.

  • 3D Sound - switch on and off. This function changes the sound of the speakers to enhance the spatial effect.
  • The Dynamic Bass function - switch on and off. This function extends the lower frequency range and boosts the bass depending on the signal level.
  • Bass and treble can also be changed individually in the range from -12 dB to +12 dB.
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About the app

Explanatory video on the Sonoro Room Correction app


Apple App Store (iOS)


Play Store (Android)

Operating functions and settings with the sonoro app

The MEISTERSTÜCK (Gen. 2) and MAESTRO Quantum audio app, newly developed by Sonoro, lets you control your device's most important functions. These include switching on/off, selecting the audio source, selecting the audio content, playing/pausing, adjusting the volume and accessing saved favourites.

Supported audio sources include DAB radio, FM radio, internet radio, podcasts, Bluetooth, Deezer, TIDAL, Qobuz and UPnP.

The Sonoro audio app is also compatible with Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect.

Alternatively: You can stream your music directly from your Spotify or TIDAL app to the device.

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