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Summer 2024 is all about sport. With the European Football Championships in Germany and the Olympic Games in Paris, two major events await us. Whether you're actively involved in sport yourself or prefer to watch the competitions from the comfort of your own sofa - with the right products from novis, you're guaranteed that Olympic feeling from the comfort of your home!


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The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising - summer is here! And with it, the perfect time to get active. Whether it's playing football in the park, jogging in the forest or swimming in the lake - exercise is good for you and fun. But it's not just your own fitness that will be in the spotlight this summer - sports fans will also get their money's worth. With the European Football Championships in Germany and the Olympic Games in Paris, two major events promise excitement and goosebump-inducing moments.

Lifestylebild von einem TCL 98 Zoll Fernseher mit Fussballfans auf der Couch

Big TV for perfect viewing pleasure

Watch the games on a huge screen and experience every goal, every sprint and every jump up close. With a 98-inch TV from TCL, you can transport the atmosphere of the stadium directly into your living room.

Light for the moon-free night

Professional functions for professional activities, compact and powerful. Control your lighting with Constant Mode, Pass Thru + Charging and 8 modes. BioLite's 3D SlimFit construction provides stability without wobbling. Thanks to Pass Thru+ charging, the Headlamp 800 stays on indefinitely.

Lifestylebild von einem Mann auf einem Kanu mit einer Stirnlampe von BioLite
Lifestylebild eines Mannes in der Natur mit einer Lifestraw Flasche

For trail running, hiking, travelling, cycling and more

No more hauling around plastic items and water bottles! The Peak Squeeze filter from LifeStraw is the perfect solution. Compact and robust, made from high-quality materials, it can withstand big adventures without the risk of tears or breakages. Improved microfilter performance and easy attachment to the rucksack thanks to the robust carrying function. With a filter capacity of up to 2000 litres and 99.999999% filtration of bacteria, you are well equipped.

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