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Discover the most popular products of the year! novis proudly presents the top 10 for 2023, which will be a delight to everyone not just technology lovers. With innovative designs and first-class performance, these gifts are the perfect choice to make an unforgettable Christmas.

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The same technology for all Music Cities

The TCL C73 series offers an immersive TV experience through the successful combination of QLED, 4K HDR Pro and 120Hz Motion Clarity Pro. With features such as Game Master Pro, HDMI 2.1, Freesync Premium along with support for the latest HDR formats, this TV is the perfect companion for HDR films, sports and games.

The advanced Smart TV system, Google TV with integrated Google Assistant, enables effortless hands-free access to content. Dolby Atmos sound quality is provided by ONKYO speakers, which can be enjoyed either on the TV or on a TCL soundbar.

The elegant, frameless design made of high-quality metal maximises the screen size and fits perfectly into virtually any interior, promising durability and an aesthetically pleasing visual impact. All in all, the TCL C73 series combines art and technology to create a harmonious overall experience.

Bildschirm von TCL bildet eine Lilie ab im blauen Licht
Lautsprecher Oskar von faller audio auf einem Couchtisch abgebildet

The same technology for all Music Cities

OSKAR revolutionises the TV experience with voice-optimised sound that filters out distracting background noise and reproduces dialogue with greater clarity. Originally developed to give people with hearing loss more listening enjoyment, OSKAR enables an optimised understanding of television sound after more than two years of intensive research and development.

Compatible with all standard televisions, OSKAR is simply connected via the base station and the volume of the television can be adjusted as desired. With a convenient handle and strong signal, you can easily transfer the TV sound to other rooms without interrupting the connection.

Using OSKAR is not dependent on wearing a hearing aid, and it can also be used with headphones for undisturbed enjoyment. OSKAR offers an outstanding sound experience that makes watching TV a hassle-free pleasure without the disturbing volume.

The same technology for all Music Cities

The Sonos Era 100 stands out with its advanced sound quality thanks to its acoustic architecture and a fast processor for precise stereo separation and deep bass. With its compact design, it is versatile and can be used in any room.

Its versatility is demonstrated by the ability to play content from a wide range of services and devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The simple setup ensures a unique sound experience in minutes.

Exclusive Sonos features such as Sonos Radio, simple voice control and regular software updates set the Era 100 apart. Trueplay™ Tuning optimises the speaker's equalisers for superior sound quality.

The sustainable design featuring recycled plastic, energy-saving technology and eco-friendly packaging demonstrates a commitment to the environment and the user. Connecting two speakers in the same room provides an unrivalled stereo experience.

Sonos Era in Weiss auf einer weissen Kommode
Eve Thermo an der Steckdose mit einem Handy auf dem Sofa daneben dargestellt

The same technology for all Music Cities

With Eve Thermo, you can automatically enjoy the perfect room temperature that seamlessly blends into your daily routine. Easily create schedules to heat individual rooms or the entire house at specific times - even without an iPhone or internet connection. Controlling your room temperature has never been so convenient: via app, Siri, the integrated touch control panel or automatically based on your presence. Eve Thermo adapts flexibly to your habits - energy-efficient when you're out and about and cosy and warm when you're at home.

Integration into a Thread network is automatic, so Eve Thermo protects your privacy. With Apple HomeKit technology, it offers you the ultimate ease of use on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The same technology for all Music Cities

The Fives offer a wireless and remote-free sound experience with HDMI-ARC that connects seamlessly to your TV. The precise and clear tones, a Klipsch trademark, are produced by 1-inch titanium tweeters on Tractrix® horns and 4.5-inch woofers for enhanced bass.

This versatile speaker, whether for turntables, TVs, computers or smartphones, offers solutions for all. Equipped with an integrated phono preamplifier, Bluetooth® 5, HDMI-ARC, digital optical, analogue RCA and USB inputs, The Fives satisfy all connectivity needs.

The Fives dynamically adapt to listening capacity to optimise low frequencies at different volume levels - a first for Klipsch monitors. Whether the volume is low or high, The Fives deliver powerful bass.

Lifestyle Bild vom Klipsch-Lautsprecher The Fives der mit der Fernbedienung gesteuert wird
Produktbild des TV Möbel von Sonorous in Schwarz

The same technology for all Music Cities

The closed unit for large screens is an elegant solution for presenting your home entertainment system in style. With a fabric flap and two doors, it not only offers an aesthetically pleasing look, but also practical functionality. This piece of furniture is specially designed to seamlessly integrate a soundbar and other audio equipment. The cover and door glass in elegant black (BLK) and the fabric front in the same colour give the furniture a modern and timeless feel.

The adjustable shelves allow flexible customisation to meet your individual needs making the unit a versatile companion for different appliances and accessories.

The same technology for all Music Cities

Enjoy your favourite tea at the touch of a button with the BRU tea maker! Simply place the tea in the machine, select individual parameters such as brewing time, water temperature and water quantity or use the preset brewing programmes, press the button and you're ready to go. The BRU tea machine immediately supplies hot water to the brewing chamber, brews the tea fully automatically, serves it and cleans itself after each use.

Thanks to the efficient instantaneous water heater, only the quantity of water required is heated. This not only saves energy, but also saves time and is more environmentally friendly compared to conventional kettles. Get the innovative BRU tea maker now for maximum convenience and environmentally conscious tea preparation!

Bru Maker One wird mit Kräutern befüllt
Produktbild der drei Varianten der Xplora-X6-Kinder-Smartwatch

The same technology for all Music Cities

The X6 Play is the newest member of the Xplora family and represents a ground-breaking generation of children's smartwatches. With a powerful, optimised chipset, the X6 Play offers all the proven Xplora safety features in a slim casing with efficient battery performance.

Discover the highlights of the X6 Play, including phone function, text and voice messages, GPS tracking with SOS function, safety zones, school mode, pedometer, stopwatch, alarm clock, camera, photo album and emojis.

The same technology for all Music Cities

Maestro is the audiophile all-rounder for your living room. A pair of connected speakers opens up a world of first-class hi-fi enjoyment - be it via the CD player, DAB+ and Internet radio or various streaming services. Maestro also offers an optical connection, a coaxial connection and a phono connection (MM).

Flexible operation takes place directly on the device, via the remote control or the UNDOK app. With the powerful Hypex power amplifiers and the room correction app (iOS only), you can maximise the acoustic performance of every speaker in your living room.

Maestro adapts seamlessly to your living environment, not only acoustically but also visually, with room sound optimisation being a particular highlight.

Sonoro Maestro in Weiss auf einer Holzkommode
BioLite Alpenglow leuchtend auf einem Brett in der Natur mit Gemüse abgebildet

The same technology for all Music Cities

The AlpenGlow lantern, a splash-proof light source with 500 lumens and an integrated power bank, is inspired by the inimitable lighting found in nature. This lantern creates its very own ambience of twilight and daylight, regardless of the time of day. The innovative ChromaReal LED technology ensures that the colours in the surroundings are reproduced with their natural brilliance.

Would you like to experience more of this mesmerising lighting mood? A simple shake is all it takes for the lantern to change to impressive colours, which can even be saved as a preset. Are you longing for a candlelight dinner? The clever AlpenGlow 500 can imitate that as well. This lantern combines intelligent technology with sophisticated design. In addition to dimmable lighting at the touch of a button, the multicolour option and the choice between 360° and 180° illumination, the AlpenGlow also functions as a power bank with 6,400 mAh.

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