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Anna Tischhauser


Anna Tischhauser has been Head of TCL at novis electronics AG since the beginning of 2023 having previously worked as a product manager for TCL. She shares her enthusiasm for the open corporate culture found at novis and the innovative mindset that values every contribution. Discover more about what makes her work special and what successes she has already achieved with the TCL team.

Anna Tischhauser

Anna Tischhauser, Head of TCL at novis electronics AG, brings a wealth of expertise and an innovative perspective to the Product Management & Sales department.

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Anna, you've been with novis electronics AG since 2022. What do you value most about the company and the corporate culture?

What makes novis special is the openness to new ideas and the innovative mindset that drives the company. Every contribution truly counts here, and I appreciate the flexibility in the work organisation, which allows me to contribute my ideas effectively.

You mention flexibility. What aspect do you like best about your work?

The opportunity to work flexibly and independently is crucial for me. The dialogue with my colleagues is an added dynamic. The variety in working with both customers and suppliers is very exciting, and introducing new products to the market is a particular delight for me.

What made you apply for a job at novis electronics AG?

novis offers exciting brands with great potential. I also already knew many of the faces, as I had already worked at novis eight years earlier. This familiarity reinforced my decision.

What unique skills do you bring to your department?

Efficiency and structured work are my strengths. I act pragmatically and put ideas into practice, which is particularly important in my field.

What successes have you achieved so far at novis electronics AG?

Since I've been here, I've worked with the sales team to take TCL one step further. We have been able to successfully list TCL with new customers and strengthen co-operation with our suppliers. It's great to see how the brand is developing and growing.

The opportunity to work flexibly and independently is crucial for me.
Anna Tischhauser

Thank you, Anna, for these insights into your experiences and your work at novis electronics AG.

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